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Mug shot of Hugh Grant

Mug shot of Nick Nolte

Is this Nick Nolte drunk?

Mug shot of Christian Slater
June 1995, Hollywood is in shock! Hugh Grant, the sweet, decent pretty boy, starring in wonderful movies such as Notting Hill and Four Weddings And A Funeral, is arrested by the Los Angeles Police while fooling around with a prostitute in his BMW. Grant gets fined and leaves for England to explain to his girlfriend Liz Hurley what he was thinking. Complete humiliation was achieved when his so called 'mugshot' (police picture) was published on the Internet. We wonder how such a picture can reach the Internet, thought these things were confidential? Anyways, if even mr Grant can be a naughty scoundrel, what kind of smelly boogie soup will be boiling under the surface of Hollywood? Go on reading, and discover the bad behavior of Hollywood's finest!

Nick Nolte is considered to be one the most formidable actors of his generation, and is respected for his intense parts in films such as Cape Fear and 48 Hours. Unfortunately mr. Nolte was also known for drinking too much alcohol for a long period in his life. When Catherine Hepburn accused Nolte of falling down drunk on every street in town, Nolte replied he had only a few streets left to go. In 2001, mr Nolte told an interviewer "I could drink in the morning, I could drink every day... I was a functioning drunk". During the 90's, mr. Nolte found the strength to beat the habit and become a fitness and health adept, thus being a role model for younger actors.

However, in september 2002 mr. Nolte was pulled over by the California police because he made some dangerous swerves with his Mercedes. Mr. Nolte was suspected of being under influence of drugs or alcohol while driving and was taken into custody in Malibu. His mug shot as seen on the left is now infamous because of the apparently disordered condition mr. Nolte was in at that time. During the 2003 Academy Awards ceremony, Steve Martin showed the mug shot on national tv and made jokes about it. (The audience however didn't seem to appreciate these jokes.) On top of that, passers-by took pictures of mr. Nolte during his arrest. The sources that delivered WWW.MOVIESTAR.NU the rather hazy picture on the left claim it is a very rare picture of Nick Nolte in the back of a patrol car. We are not very sure about the authenticity of this picture, because it very much resembles an other shot already published on the Internet. Although this picture seems to be taken from an other angle. A few days after these events mr. Nolte voluntarily entered Silver Hill Hospital, a rehab clinic.

As it seems, mr.Nolte has left the unfortunate period as described in this article behind him. Today he is back in the headlines for making movies. Have a look at The Internet Movie Database, www.nicknolte.com or at the Nick Nolte Fan Site.

Christian Slater is a talented actor impressing the audience with his performance in exiting action films such as Broken Arrow and Hard Rain. In his career he made movies with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt en John Travolta among others. Therefore it is hard to understand why such a talented an successful man manages to get into so much trouble.

On december 29, 1989, Christan Slater (only 20 years old at the time) was arrested in West Hollywood. According to the police Slater crashed into a telephone pole, attacked a policeman and tried to run away from the police. Oh, and he was driving under influence and had a suspended drivers license. In december 1994 Christian Slater was arrested at JFK Airport (NYC) and charged with criminal possession of a gun. Luckily, he reached a plea agreement that made him work for three days with homeless children. Most of us would settle for that, wouldn't we? In december 1997, Christian Slater was sentenced to three months in jail for cocaine abuse and assaulting his girlfriend and a police officer. The list goes on and on...

Although mr. Slater appears to be talented in breaking the law, he fortunately continues to do what he can do even better: making movies. Some of his recent pictures haven't been that exciting but for example his performance in Mindhunters (2004) shows that he still has a future in making movies! The Internet Movie Database can show you all about his work.

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